Choosing the right Preworkout based on your Fitness goal and workout

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      No matter you are a beginner or PRO fitness athlete, Nobody coming gym without taking the Pre Workout! Based on my observation i noticed there are a lot of people ( including the PRO’s) have no idea about choosing the right pre-workout and how to use it effectively. Let me share my insights with you.

      • Do you really need a Pre-workout?

      Not everyone coming to the gym to build muscles and everyone fitness goal is different! If your goal is just to maintain the body without doing any extensive hard workout then you really don’t  need a pre-workout, Just use the natural BCAA ( Himalayan Salt + Lemon + Honey + Mint + Lemon Zest + Chia Seed) or use any Intra workout in your workouts. But, if you are a hardcore muscle builder then, of course, you may require a proper Pre-workout based on your fitness goal, workout routine, lifestyle.

      • How to choose the right pre-workout?

      There are two types of Pre-workout formula which is designed based on their common functionalities, but mostly it contains the same formula in different dosages.

      1. Stimulant Preworkout: Athletes called this as “STIM”, Such stimulant Pre-workout is ideal for morning routines since it contains caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline malate which will increase your blood flow, mental alertness, giving extra energy which will remain 2-4 hrs, If you are taking STIM in the night then you will not get the proper sleep.
      2. Non-Stimulant Preworkout: This is ” NON STIM” formula, ideal for evening workouts which is commonly loaded with green coffee bean extracts, L-tyrosine but not contains caffeine and other brain alertness formula blends where you can consume this in the evening to manage your proper sleeping patterns.

      Also, using the same pre-workout for the long run you will hit your tolerance level very soon! Which mean you will not feel the pump, mental focus, energy or anything because your body is now able to absorb and burn the caffeine that you are consuming. In such cases, you must switch entirely a different pre-workout formula or you must stop using the pre-workouts for at least two weeks.

      PRO Tips:

      1. Use pre-workouts only for the heavy, compound, HIIT, lower body workouts which require more energy and mentally alert.
      2. When purchasing always read the formula, ingredients, dosage, reviews, expert opinion based on your fitness goals and routines.
      3. Try to balance your Pre/Intra workout using natural blends and foods rather fully relying on energy boosters pre/Intra workouts.
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      Thanks for sharing this information about Pre-Workout, It’s really helpful for me to choose the right pre-workout for me. Once again Thank You.

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